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Martial Arts Classes:

Congratulations on taking the first step in your martial arts journey! To enroll, click the link below. Fill out the "member" form for any participating members. Choose your membership. Sign the waivers. Pay the $25 registration fee. And you're set!

You do not need to select any specific class. You can attend any eligible classes each week! Students will select once, twice or unlimited classes per week.


1 class per week ($89/mo) (Rec. for kids under age 6)

2 classes per week ($119/mo) (Rec. for kids age 6-14)

Unlimited Classes ($139/mo) (Rec. for over age 10)

After enrolling, please visit the "store" on the website to purchase your required uniform.

Ages 2-6 Black athletic bottoms, Mindset t-shirt or rashguard)

Ages 6+ Black fight shorts (with or without compression pants underneath, Mindset or MLV rashuard, white or black gi)


After-School Program:

Our Mindset After-School Club is an empowering, positive energy program designed for students grades K-5. The program includes transportation, snack, homework help, daily martial arts training and free play. We encourage an environment of gratitude and positive attitude. Read more about the program here.


2 days per week ($200/mo)

3 days per week ($300/mo)

5 days per week ($400/mo)

Prices include martial arts tuition and all teacher workday camps during the school-year.

Full uniform is included in the registration fee.

After you register, we will reach out for more information regarding your child's school pick-up, snack preferences, etc.


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