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Mindset Brazilian Jiujitsu Academy is an Atos Affiliate in Charlotte, NC. The head professor is Professor Marlon Loor Vera, a 3rd degree black belt under ADCC & World Champion, Prof Andre Galvao. Prof Marlon is also the 2019 IBJJF No-Gi World champion, American National champion and mulitple time IBJJF Open Champion. Prof Marlon is a highly certified referee for IBJJF, Newbreed and Naga. Besides jiujitsu, Prof Marlon also has experience in Kung Fu, Taekwondo and Muay Thai.

Mindset Academy is known for its inclusive programming, offering classes to all ages (2-102), unique kids curriculum and dynamic, modern adult jiujitsu which proves successful in the tournament circuit. Our kids instructors are carefully trained in working with children, background checked and also actively train in jiujitsu.

Mindset Academy's theme is surf, southern California, positive vibes and good energy! From the moment you walk in the door, you will feel the difference in our facility. We are a parent friendly facility that provides coffee/tea, free wifi and easy drop-off/pick-up options.

Brazilian jiujitsu is a highly effective martial art that involves take downs, grappling, dominant positions and submissions. BJJ is a finishing art where you can control your opponent with little force using leverage and technique. This martial art is a great option when facing larger opponents and is much easier to train in without getting injured (verses striking arts).

Our classes are all level and age appropriate, making it a fun challenge and a great confidence builder. You will always go home better than when you came. Make the best decision, and try a class today.

10 reasons why we're different

1. If It Doesn't Work, We Don't Teach It

We believe strongly that if techniques don't work, they shouldn't be taught. When students (adults, teens or children) attend our academy, self-defense is one of the biggest benefits. It's important that what you learn is effective and efficient. We won't waste time teaching techniques that are impractical or won't work in a real-life self-defense situation.


2. We Believe in A Healthy Mutual Respect

Many martial arts academies promote an unhealthy hierarchal, blind respect. This can promote a cult like environment and be especially unhealthy for children and teens. Mindset BJJ believes in a mutual respect where everyone is treated with respect and kindness. We honor our professors and higher ranks for the knowledge they can provide us in martial arts, but realize we are all valuable in our own ways as human beings.


3. Our Kids Programs are Made Specifically for Kids

Many martial art academies have world champion professors that are great at the art or sport. BUT they are not educated in properly working with children. Motivating young students in an empowering yet disciplined way is a skill that takes years to master and learn. Our kid's curriculum is dedicated to building confidence yet teaching important skills of martial arts such as self-control, respect and discipline. We offer a fun rewards system for attendance that promotes commitment and consistency. Students will earn stripes and belts when they can execute the necessary techniques for each level. Most importantly, we lay the foundation for long term martial arts training into adulthood.


4. We Value Women and Girls in Martial Arts

Many martial arts schools can be intimidating to females. It's one of our priorities to make our women and girl students feel welcome, comfortable and empowered. From having female instructors, to offering female only classes, our goal is to make our ladies grow into the strong martial artists we know they can be. Check out our women's class, Strong Girls class and Daddy Daughter class.


5. We Won't Lock You into a Contract

If we truly believe in our services enough, we shouldn't have to lock customers into contracts and charge penalties when they want to get out early. Academies who do this lock their students in, knowing that if life gets stressful, children lose interest or a life change arises; you'll have to pay. We encourage our students to make a term commitment when they join. But this is a commitment to yourself. Buyers are not penalized if they want to pause or stop their membership. We know life can throw curve calls, and we aren't here to make it any harder for you.


6. We Provide a Clean Training Environment

It's one of our top priorities to provide a training environment that is clean, sanitary and organized. From the time you walk in the door, we want you to feel stress free and happy. Mindset BJJ offers individual shoe bins, changing rooms, clean bathrooms, shower, seating area, reception desk and sports drinks for our customers. We provide laundry bags for your training clothes after class, hand sanitizer station and clean water fountain. 


7. We Post Our Background Checks

Did you know that most service-based businesses (dance schools, martial art schools, cheer facilities, music lesson facilities) don't post their background check results? How do you know that the adults you're entrusting your children with have passed a background check annually? At Mindset BJJ, our background checks are posted in the office for all customers to see. We run background checks on ALL instructors and coaches. 


8. We Wear the Team Uniform

We put a high priority on uniformity and teamwork. Mindset BJJ has high standards in teaching, competing and etiquette. Our uniform ensures appropriate attire to make all of our students feel comfortable. Students must be clean, ready for class and wear the academy uniform. If the student doesn't have their uniform, they can rent one from Mindset for $10 ($5 for children). 


9. World Champion Professor

Mindset BJJ's owner and head professor is Marlon Loor Vera, a 3rd degree black belt under Andre Galvao, head of Atos. Prof Marlon is 2019 World No-Gi IBJJF Champion. Students will learn his modern dynamic jiujitsu style and high level techniques. Prof Marlon competes nationally, is a certified referee and has been teaching BJJ for over 15 years.


10. Compete If You'd Like 

We definitely recommend all of our students try a tournament in their training. Tournaments are a great way to test your techniques, increase your motivation and learn to work through adrenaline. However, competing is not for everyone. Together with your coach, you can decide when you're ready for a tournament. We don't push our students to compete or make them feel less than the others if they decide not to compete. Jiujitsu is for everyone!

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