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Fall 2023 Schedule

Schedule begins August 28th

Is your child 7 years old or younger? Check out PlayDojo for preschool and early elementary ninjas.

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Sport BJJ (6-12 year olds): Teaches beginner and intermediate Brazilian jiujitsu and competition training. Class alternates gi and no-gi. This class is age appropriate, more detailed and motivating! Students will learn basic and advanced BJJ positions, footwork, grappling, submissions and tournament prepClass is taught by IBJJF World Champion, Prof Marlon Loor Vera. $119/mo, Choose up to 3 classes per week (6-month commitment)

Class Options: Tuesday 6pm, Wednesday 6pm, Thursday 6pm

Teen and Adult BJJ (13+):  Join a team, a family at Mindset BJJ. Our teens and adults learn modern, dynamic and level appropriate Brazilian jiujitsu in a safe and empowering atmosphere. Training includes gi and no-gi, techniques, drilling, rolling sessions and more. All levels welcome. The Teen and Adult BJJ program is a monthly program. Unlimited class access. $139/mo. (6-month commitment)


Class Options: 

Monday 8:05-9:30pm (Gi Advanced)

Tuesday 7-8pm (Gi Fundamentals)/ Thursday 7-8pm (No-gi Fundamentals)

Tuesday/Thursday 8:05-9:30pm (No-Gi Advanced)

Wednesday 7:00-8:00pm (All Levels Gi)

  • Martial play for 2-5 year olds

    Mon, Thu, Sun

Sign-Up Process

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(We will help with uniform at first class)

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